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About Us


Since 1979, Kendi Iron Works, Inc. has prided itself on providing quality custom crafted ornamental iron works and gates.


You can find our products throughout the five boroughs and on almost every block in Manhattan.  We have fabricated products for thousands of clients throughout the years, including various government agencies, the MTA, DOT, SCA, the Entertainment Industry (TV, Movie, Stage sets), as well as commercial and private accounts.


Led by our Industrial Engineer, Kendi's skilled craftsmen can create custom hand forged ornamental railings, fencing, doors, window gates, furniture and specialty items in iron, brass, aluminum and stainless steel.  We can also help with your renovation projects.


Visit our plant in Bushwick, Brooklyn. We are located 1 block from the Montrose Ave L train stop and have a parking lot for your convenience.  We will work with you to create a product that exceeds your every expectation.



The products displayed in this website are protected by Copy Right© 1992 Kendi Iron Works  Inc.


Covered By U.S. Patents 4,630,396 + D 341,210 + 341,212 +D 341,213 + D341,211

236 Johnson Ave.
Brooklyn, New York 11206
Tel.  718-821-2722
Fax. 718-456-8006

Windows & Doors Approved By


1. The United States Testing

2. Hud Master Specification

3. The CT State Fire Safety Code

4. NYC Board Of Standards and Appeals         CA   NO. 1034-85-SA

5. NYC Fire Department Sanction

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